OSS Kneepads - 1 Pair 7mm Neoprene Sports Kneepads Compression Weightlifting Pressured Crossfit Training Knee Pads Support Women or Men

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OSS Kneepads - 1 Pair 7mm Neoprene Sports Kneepads Compression Weightlifting Pressured Crossfit Training Knee Pads Support Women or Men

About this item

7MM THICK FOR STRONG SUPPORT: The 7mm thick neoprene knee sleeves offer powerful support and stabilization, allowing you to safely maximize your sports. And this 7 mm thick also helps prevent slip and roll-back issues.

PREVENT INJURIES & PAIN: Protecting your knees is of outmost importance for safeguarding your mobility, long-term. Either when walking or performing virtually any kind of exercise, the NISROK knee brace are your best choice for minimizing the incidence of knee and leg injuries, swelling, discomfort and pain, helping you maintain your agility and knee health in tip top shape.These top notch compression braces can aid joint recovery caused by an injury.

HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION AND ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Forget about cheaply made compression braces that do not last long. The Nisrok knee compression sleeves are made of sturdy Neoprene and Polyamide material and they feature reinforced stitching. What is more, their ergonomic design provides the perfect fit and assures maximum comfort.

SUPERIOR QUALITY KNEE BRACE: Made out of a perfect blend of Neoprene (70%) and Polyamide (30%), our knee sleeves are lightweight and durable, withstanding frequent washing and daily use. Contrary to inferior knee brace on the market, our pair do NOT feature unnecessary attachments or straps, which would quickly degrade and render your sleeves useless! Available in 5 Sizes (S-M-L-XL-XXL) – Check Out Our Product Description For More Info.

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We truly want you to be happy with your new knee sleeve and our professional customer service will do whatever it takes to ensure your satisfaction. If you are not fully happy with the Nisrok Knee Sleeve, we are offering 12 month guarantee, no questions asked.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing The Knee Sleeve?
- Relief from arthritic pain, knee & leg aches

- Increased knee support & advanced aid in knee injury prevention

- Promotes healthy muscle & ligament oxygen flow & speeds up healing time

- Incomparable knee stability, strengthening your performance

- Ideal knee temperature retention, despite ambient environmental conditions

- Refreshing sensation, from day to night

Choose Your Pair
See Sizing Chart in the listing images above Straighten your leg and use a flexible type tape to measure the circumference of your knee (mid patella).

S: 11.5" – 13"

M: 13" – 14.2"

L: 14.2" - 15.7"

XL: 15.7" - 17"

XXL: 17" – 18.3"

If you wish for a tighter fit, select one size smaller than what is recommended.

powerlifting knee sleeves
From Walking To Fitness
A foolproof choice for performing anything from simple tasks, to participating in demanding Cross Training WODs, Bodybuilding and Olympic-Level training, the Nisrok knee sleeves will become your essential mobility aid!

knee sleeves
What’s In The Box?
1 x Pair Of 7mm knee sleeves

NOTE: Our product is not intended to treat any pre-existing medical conditions or substitute any therapeutic regimens. Should you have an underlying knee/leg issue, consult with your physician, before wearing your sleeves.

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