Breathing Trainer Lung Respirator Fitness Equipment Respiratory Silicone High Altitude Training Outdoor Expiratory Exercise Tool

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Effective inspiratory/expiratory muscle trainer, providing an easy and convenient means of increasing the strength and durability of the respiratory muscles.

  • ►►【Improve Your Endurance】Breathing Exercise for Lungs is helpful to improve your breath,helps you get better endurance,and makes you feel better day by day.

  • ►►【Functional and Effective】Lung Exerciser Device strengthens your lung capacity and helps you adjust the abdominal muscles,therefore allowing you to exercise core muscles.

  • ►►【Adjustable Resistances】Deep Breathing Lung Exerciser is designed with adjustable resistances,allowing you to find the right resistances level for your training and adjust accordingly.

  • ►►【Improve Body Performance】Breathing Trainer for Lungs can help you build up your breathing and abdominal muscles,therefore enhancing your overall performance.

  • ►►【Lung Capacity Improvement】Lung Endurance Trainer is helpful to decrease the accumulation caused by body waste,helping you greatly increase your lung capacity.


It works on the principle of resistance. As you inhale, the resistance created makes your respiratory muscles work harder, and the harder they work the stronger and more durable they become – and as your breathing power improves, can be gradually adjusted to provide more resistance.


  • Simply rotate sleeve to adjust breathing resistance
  • Rotate cap to adjust comfort valve to match you natural breathing rhythm and to select expiratory mode


Product Description


Discover the secret to improved respiratory strength with our Advanced Silicone Breathing Exercise Device. Suitable for all ages, it's perfect for athletes, swimmers, singers, and anyone seeking to enhance their breathing capacity.

Our device offers customizable respiratory resistance - giving you complete control over your training level. With an easy-to-operate valve, you can adjust the inspiratory and expiratory resistance as per your comfort. Simply turn the valve to the left for more resistance and to the right for less. Thus, allowing you to challenge yourself, but at the same time keeping it comfortable.

The ergonomically designed mouthpiece provides a secure fit, ensuring the device stays in place during your breathing exercises. Just insert the mouthpiece into the mouth and bite the inside to hold it in place. It's that simple!

Made with high-quality silicone, the device is not only robust but also gentle on the skin, ensuring your focus stays on your breathing exercises. The breathable and comfortable material allows for longer usage without any discomfort.

Experience the convenience and power of our Advanced Silicone Breathing Exercise Device. Don't just breathe, breathe better with us!