OSS - Abdominal Exercise Wheel Black Roller With Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat

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Ab Abdominal Exercise Roller With Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat - Body Fitness Strength Training Machine AB Wheel Gym Tool…

  • CORE STRENGTH TRAINING - This abdominal training wheel is simple, dynamic and very effective equipment. Its primary use is to increase your abdominal strength but works for multiple muscle groups and reduces muscular injuries.

  • CONSTRUCTION - This ab wheel is made of top quality plastic with a metal bar including matching foam handle grips. It's designed to maximize your grip and reduce hand fatigue allowing easy control and comfort when exercising.

  • SINGLE WHEEL - Our abdominal wheel is designed with a 2-inch grip wheel allowing solid control and enhancing stability when performing core strength training. Includes a high-quality foam knee mat allowing maximum comfort and focus.

  • TRANSPORTABLE - Its slick all-black design is lightweight allowing you to take it with you. Easy to assemble so you can achieve your goal wherever you are.

  • WARRANTY - 100% Risk-Free Guarantee. Don't decide now, give the AB WHEEL a try...if this doesn't live up to your high standards then we will refund your money back no questions asked! Click the "add to cart" button now and buy the ABDOMINAL EXERCISE ROLLER for yourself 100% risk-free right now!


Product description

Our abdominal exercise wheel WILL improve your core strength.

Suitable for all fitness types.

Are you wanting a toned core?

Not seeing results from endless sit-ups?

Then this exercise wheel is the perfect solution. Alongside a healthy diet, this ab wheel will help you get defined abs feeling more confident about yourself!

Works multiple muscle groups - Abs / Shoulders / Chest / Arms / Lower Back Made from black plastic and foam with a metal bar.

Wheel dimensions - 7" x 2" Handle dimensions 4" Mat 7" x 13"