OSS - Men's 3/4 Compression Tight Pants Kneepads, Quick-Drying. Best Firefighter Knee Pads

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OSS - Men's 3/4 Compression Tight Pants Kneepads, Quick-Drying. Best Firefighter Knee Pads.

  • Sports function fabric: This anti-collision compression tights are made of 85% rayon spandex 15%, which is not easy to pilling, not easy to fade and not easy to shrink

  • EVA protection pad: knee pads, reduce damage during exercise, and reduce the level of impact on your knees

  • High elasticity: elastic, comfortable and not tight. Free movement while relieving muscle fatigue

  • Quick-drying: the fabric can adjust moisture-wicking, stop odour, say goodbye to sticky troubles, and make you more confident on the ground

  • Suitable for all kinds of scenes: Drill nights with shorts or joggings, on-call and in the job under your PPE. 


The Best Firefighter Knee Pads

Yes, firefighters can wear knee pads. Most turnout/bunker pants have built-in knee protection, but they are usually soft and provide limited support. In fact, we’re surprised that they don’t make a bigger deal of this in firefighter training. Your knees are important and protecting them is so easy that it really ought to be a matter of second nature. 

Why Would Firefighters Need Knee Pads?

The truth is that firefighters will often need to spend large amounts of time working on their knees. Crawling under smoke and heat is the name of the game for firefighters.

Staying low allows firefighters to work in conditions that would be otherwise untenable. This is not easy, especially with heavy gear and dragging hose lines through buildings. Pulling hose while on your feet is one thing, but doing it on your knee or knees can be tough and uncomfortable.

Especially as a new firefighter in the academy, you will spend hours crawling through fire conditions as part of your training. knee pads can make your life a whole lot easier. The more comfortable you can be, the more effective you can be.

knee pads can also come in handy when working on medical calls that include CPR compressions or working beside a patient lying on the floor. Also, in many confined spaces and other rescue scenarios, they can be very useful.

Washing instructions:

1. This shorts can be hand-washed or machine-washed;
2. When handwashing, the pants are washed by hand in the water, and the dirty parts can be gently brushed with soap;
3. It needs to be washed with neutral detergent or soap, not soaked, no bleaching detergent;
4. After washing, use natural dryness, do not dry or expose to high temperature.


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