OSS - Handle Grips for Resistance Bands Pull-up Exercise Cable Machines Barbells Pulling Machines

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Handle for Resistance bands, Pull-up handleS, Exercise Grips Training Grip Strength Sling Trainer for cable machines, barbells and pulling machines…


With grips that adapt to you – and not the opposite

Lifting straps or wrist and elbow supports may have certain short-term benefits if you suffer from an injury. But training in the right grip OSS-Handle can help prevent wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries right from square one!

According to science, rotating from the overhand towards the underhand grip is the best way to fully activate your back at pull movements. In contrast to sling trainers or gymnastic rings, this often wasn’t possible with pull-up bars, barbells and classical machines.

Safety always comes first! This principle should stand upon every kind of weight training – be it Bodybuilding, CrossFit, Calisthenics or just conventional workouts in the gym.


  • WIDE USES: The fitness handle is a piece of ideal fitness equipment, can increase forearm muscle and grip strength, suitable for grip strength training and mountain climbing training, enhance endurance and explosive power.


  • MUSCLE GROWTH – These mentioned grip angles stimulate the back musculature more efficiently, which in turn, cause a better squeeze in the lats. More dynamic movements help develop more stabilization and body tension. These are basic requirements for all types of strength training.


  • INJURY PREVENTION – The most joint-friendly grips are neutral (90° position) and rotating. Important pull exercises often miss these grip options.


  • HIGH QUALITY: Specially designed radian with non-slip texture and elastic TPE material can provide maximum grip. Material: nylon, TPE; packing list: fitness handle * 1 pair, storage bag * 1 . 


  • THE BEST GIFT: This fitness handle is the best fitness gift for a loved one on holidays.  Ergo (handle tails looking downwards): Works best for high reps - lightweight (12-20), Power (handle tails looking upwards): Suitable for 7-12 reps - heavyweight, Forearm (means putting the ring finger, not the middle finger through the rope): Focus lies on forearm training


Product description

  • Co-developed by ergonomic experts

  • Made in IT

  • Length-adjustable belt

  • Perfectly transportable in gym bags

  • Max. resistance 360kg/ 800 pounds



    Reduce joint damage: a more natural grip position.

    New muscle stimulation: more range of motion.

    More functional training: need more physical tension.

    Injury prevention-the best grip for joints is 90-degree position and swivel.

    Functional training-more dynamic exercise helps develop more stability and physical tension, these are the basic requirements for all types of strength training.

    Item Name: Gym Training Grips

    Material: Nylon, TPE

    Features: Durable, Easy to Use, Fitness Accessories

    Notes: Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's colour may be slightly different from the pictures.

 Package Includes:

    2 x Grips

    1 x Storage Bag





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